59. Go from whiner to "why-ner" with Mesha McKittrick

Season #3

Ever wonder what the difference is between those who whine about things, and those who seem to be able to learn from experiences and use tough experiences to alchemize positive change? 

In this episode of Waves of Joy Podcast featuring Mesha McKittrick we dive into learning about mindset and how to go from a whiner to a "why-ner".


Here are the takeaways...

  1. Remember there is purpose in the fog
  2. Stories from other people help us understand ourselves
  3. Small tiny shifts make a big difference
  4. There is choice in what we think and say. The choice to be positive or negative is yours
  5. Answering the question "How was your day?" can be life-changing when you make the first three things you say positive
  6. Change is the only real constant
  7. Give yourself credit for what you've been through
  8. We can ask why and go from being a whiner to being a "why-ner"
  9. There is tremendous value in spending time alone

Mesha is a mindset coach and creator of the podcast, Mindset Check. Through her brand My Friend Mesha, she is a Coach, Social Influencer and a Public Speaker. She graduated from ASU with a degree in Communications and an emphasis on Family Studies. Her passion is teaching people that they have more power than think they do.

She believes that what matters in life is NOT what happens, what matters is what you THINK about what happens.

Mesha has been married to her boyfriend for 23 years. She has 3 boys and an angel girl and she absolutely adores being their mom. She geeks out about the brain and quantum physics and loves to learn endlessly about this topic.

She is a yogi inside and out and if you put on a good beat she can’t help but dance! Paddle boarding and hiking add to her happiness! She knows that when we live inspired it causes us to take actions that we otherwise would not have taken. It’s important for her to help others consistently take mindset checks so that they can live as their highest and best selves.

Connect with Mesha

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/myfriendmesha/

Her Podcast https://mindsetcheck.buzzsprout.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/myfriendmesha

Her Website www.myfriendmesha.com

On Youtube https://www.youtube.com/myfriendmesha

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