77. A life lived by default to a life lived by design with Urvi Patel

Season #3

Urvi Patel is a private and group transformational leadership coach, status quo challenger, spirit-wonk, and wayshower. She collaborates with women of color leaders, change makers, and entrepreneurs to expand into what’s possible and maximize their potential by moving from a life lived by default to a life lived by design. Through her coaching and workshop experiences, she supports self-exploration journeys and integration, communications and executive presence, and high-performance mindset development. Urvi has led award-winning teams, advised foreign diplomats and C-suite executives, driven impactful community-changing projects, and helped raise tens of millions of dollars in public and private support for equity and access-driven missions. Through this extensive experience, Urvi brings a passion for and a unique perspective to personal power in creating social impact. As a coach, advisor, and speaker, Urvi engages national and international audiences through inspiring and empowering talks, workshops, and team experiences with this message: Your inner world is the source of all change in your outer world.

Urvi cohosts a podcast with her friend, Maggie Ward, called "Noticing".

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Here are the takeaways...


  1. When you are creating stories, create stories that work for you. Many times our stories have been reinforced externally and have come as a part of our conditioning. Understand where you pull those narratives from so you can separate those narratives from the story you want to carry forward. 
  2. Intersectionality is a term coined by Dr. Kimberle' Crenshaw. "Intersectionality is a lens through which we can see where power comes and collides, where it locks and intersects. It's the acknowledgment that everyone has their own unique experiences of discrimination and of privilege." Feeling guilt about the privilege you have isn't helpful, so there is an invitation to leverage your privilege to create changes.
  3. When thinking about changing the status quo, it can be helpful to think of moving slowly. Thinking about plants. If you have a dried out plant, when you water it, the water comes out because the plant isn't able to take it all in. But if you move slowly, pouring little bits of water in at a time, the plant can absorb it. This idea can be applied to our work in diversity, equity, and inclusion as well.  The reckoning of our time isn't a switch, it's tiny actions toward the creation of something new. That's the wisdom of trying to create solutions from a place of understanding.
  4. Your ability to create a space of belonging (or co-create) for others is dependent on your ability to create that space within yourself. That can mean that generative practices, energy work, gratitude moments or whatever it looks like for you to look within and generate self-love and self-acceptance are of critical importance as you begin the work of creating spaces for others.
  5.  As you come into balance with yourself, your space will be more balanced. 
  6. Values are verbs or phrases in action. Shared by all and followed by all is critical for the success of being values-driven. It doesn't matter what the value is, when it's ultra-clear it's like rocket fuel for you.
  7. When you live with integrity to what you value, everything goes smoother. Spending time determining what you value can be very supportive, especially when you ask yourself "why" you value what you do. Many times the symptoms of "this isn't working" is an indication there is a misalignment between the action and the value.
  8. Assimilation mode is when someone tries to embody the dominant culture's ideals, customs, and traditions to try to mitigate discrimination as much as they can to be accepted. Code-switching is changing the way you speak, dress or appear in order to be more accepted, and it can be exhausting. 

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