75. Trusting yourself

Season #3

In this episode of the podcast, the theme is learning to trust yourself.


Here are the takeaways....

  1. Your desire wouldn't be on your heart if it wasn't part of your divine mission
  2. The minute you say yes to you and make feeling good your number one priority, everyone in your life feels it. And the minute you step into your full bodied yes, something changes. You stand up taller, pull your shoulders back because you know you are living your purpose. 
  3. The things you desire are all rooted in a feeling you want. The work is to realize what you want is about that feeling state, and then to create it unapologetically. 
  4. When something feels bad, it's a red light from the universe. Move away from the things that make you feel badly. Move on.
  5. Write down your goals. It makes a big difference.
  6. Action brings clarity. Trust your desires and put them into motion.
  7. Muscle testing is a great way to get in touch with your inner wisdom. There are two ways to muscle test. One is using your thumbs and ring fingers in loops. There is a better way using your whole body. Put both feet flat on the floor, place your arms at your sides, close your eyes. Test for yes (say something you know is true) and test for no (say something you know is false). If your body supports a statement it will gently tip forward, if your body does not support a statement you'll gently tip backward. Create singular statements.
  8. Practice muscle testing in low stakes things so you learn to trust it.
  9. You move first, then the universe moves to meet you. Start taking some steps towards what you want to do. You'll be amazed at how the universe moves to meet you.


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