74. Balancing giving and receiving

Season #3

Have you ever heard the adage "it's better to give than to receive"? It's common to hear but it's problematic. You can't ONLY give or you end up energetically, physically, mentally or financially bankrupt. In this episode we'll find a new way to think about this. 

Here are the takeaways...

  1. Consider the source of who is telling you it's better to give than to receive. If the person or organization benefits from your giving, it might be worth questioning that message.
  2. From now on, for the rest of your life, when you have to go to the bathroom - go to the bathroom. Doing this will help develop an awareness of your own needs, and perhaps needs that aren't being met. Then you begin to take better care of your physical body. 
  3. Consider the infinity loop. That's giving and receiving. It's a flow. You can't only do one or the other. It's like breath... there has to be a balance between giving and receiving. This shows up as physical pain, resentment, anxiety, depression, auto-immune diseases, etc. You can't only give. 
  4. Part of being willing to receive is being willing to ask for help and accept help when you need it.
  5.  The good news about setting boundaries is that it's a skill, which means it's something you can learn.

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