61. Successful Pitching with Adela Hussain

Season #3

Adela Hussain is the founder of Starts Ups & Co and is a master at helping you pitch your business to people that don’t know you…yet. 

Adela discovered she had a talent for pitching when she first started doing PR for her own fashion tech start up and was featured in 14 publications in 12 months, including the Harvard Business Review without pitching! 

She has been featured in the BBC, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Independent, Stylist, Psychologies, Metro and 10 other publications. She was also a finalist in Cosmopolitan’s Self Made Award in 2017 and in 2018 she was in Sarah Woods’ Top 10 Female Founders In The UK To Watch list.

Known for her high energy and laser-sharp thinking, Adela she spent 20 years as a management consultant and did cool stuff like help British Airways acquire an airline, be on a new board for Sky and boss men around in India for tech tool launches.

Her Pitch to Press programme and PR Hero School have helped hundreds of founders fall in love with PR and master their media pitching to sky rocket their sales.


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Here are the takeaways...

  1.  There's an art to promoting yourself and becoming a credible expert. It should be fun, joyful, and playful and come from a place of curiosity and value.
  2. There is a skill set to telling the story in a way that makes it of interest to journalists. That's how you reach more people. This is something all entrepreneurs should learn to do to create storylines that are topical and relevant. 
  3.  It is so important to think about "how do I feel when I tell this story?" and "what parts of my story do I want to share?". You don't have to share every part of the story. You can choose which parts to share. A tip from Adela is to practice telling that story to someone you trust and see how you feel in 24 - 48 hours.
  4. Never tell a story completely fresh. It's best to tell a story after you've integrated it into your life and healed.
  5. Know the difference in vulnerability between the type of sharing that makes you relatable, and the kind of sharing that feels unsafe. You decide how much of your story you will share, and that comes with setting boundaries.
  6. Pitching is conversation. Lead with value, give information, and be helpful. 
  7. When you promote yourself, you are being transparent about what you are doing. Unless you promote yourself, people will not know that you can help them. It's actually selfish to hold back from other people.
  8.  Connecting with journalists gives them something to write about. You're helping them out when you share a story. It's mutually beneficial. 
  9.  Being targeted with your pitches, making sure you pitch to journalists who write about the topics you want to share will result in fewer rejections.
  10. Working in isolation is hard. Join a strong group that can help you create the stories. Work in community supporting each other, make it a fun collaborative adventure. Remember the adage, "to go fast go alone, to go far go together". Getting visible is a journey.
  11. There are billions of people on this planet. Someone wants to hear your story about your business.

Connect with Adela - 

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 Website: Www.pitchtopress.com

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