60. How to know when it's time to change with Jen Liss

Season #3

Known for her silliness, contagious enthusiasm, and engaging storytelling, Jen Liss enjoys finding levity in the mundane. But she is serious about one thing: inspiring people to take action on their dreams. As a speaker, coach, and host of the podcast Untethered with Jen Liss, she helps people let go of the crap that holds them back and step into the life they’ve been called to live.

Here are the takeaways

  1. Sometimes you just know when a change needs to happen. It's not something external, it's internal.
  2. Giving yourself an integrity check can be a way to guide your decisions. 
  3. Starting your day off with morning exercises like meditation, physical exercise, writing or visualization is a powerful way to start your day. It doesn't have to be time intensive or complicated. A few minutes will make a big difference.
  4.  Releasing things, and allowing and letting go of control can bring you tons of joy and possibility. It's amazing how quickly things can shift when you embrace the feminine energy.
  5.  Curiosity is a way to build connections. When we want to be right, it closes connectedness. Curiosity allows for an opening, more connection, more great ideas, more fun, and more joy. 
  6. You can't be curious if you are stuck in judgment or perfectionism. 

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