49. Three things to regulate your nervous system

Season #2

In this episode we talk about best practices for nervous system regulation from an energetic perspective. In particular, we talk about best practices for supporting people - adults or children - who are highly sensitive, empaths or psychics.


Let's unpack the terms.

  1. A psychic is someone who sees, hears, senses and knows things without being told. A Physic has a connection with the other side which means departed loved ones, angels, guides, Source, etc. 
  2. Highly Sensitive People is someone who has big feelings and big reactions to those feelings, sensitivity to external stimulation like fabrics, scents, tastes, textures, etc. The highly sensitive person might be overstimulated. The HSP might feel like an "old soul", feel like no one quite understands them, etc.
  3. An Empath is someone who not only senses and feels but experiences the feelings of people around them. Some empaths also feel and experience the physical symptoms of people around them.

The three things you need to do to regulate your nervous system

  1. Zip up
  2. Create space
  3. Hydrate


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