24. Collier Landry - Resiliency and Healing Living Past Murder

Season #1

When Collier Landry was 11...he lived through the unthinkable.

Collier was 11 when his dad murdered his mom. He gathered evidence that no child should ever have to think about, followed his instincts and trusted in the people around him to become an outlier... an incredible success. Collier Landry is resilient, brave, intelligent, charismatic and hope-filled. 


His message is important and truly inspiring. Collier is a testament to resilience and hope after adversity. 


You are going to love this episode. 


NOTE: this episode contains explicit language and themes around murder and violence.

If you have littles around, be sure you have your headphones on.


1. Grab the brass ring. Take advantage of opportunities that show up in your life. Don't overthink or second guess it.

2. Tell the truth. 

3. Lead with integrity.

4. Trust your intuition and follow your own intuitive guidance.

5. Don't ask why. Ask, what now?

6. Being resilient is a choice.

7. Forgiveness is about you. It's a way for you to take back your power.



About Collier Landry

While most hosts of true crime podcasts simply discuss murders that fascinate them, Collier Landry has actually lived through one. Subsequently, Collier is the host of the Moving Past Murder Podcast, and the subject of Investigation Discovery's documentary A Murder in Mansfield.


As a formally trained musician and photographer, Collier segued into filmmaking and podcasting as a means to creatively express and deal with his own traumatic childhood story - the premeditated murder of his mother Noreen by his father, Dr. John Boyle - and to give a narrative voice to others in similar circumstances. 


Collier's passionate and robust message of human resilience, hope, and personal triumph over adversity has inspired audiences across the globe. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Variety, Esquire, USA Today, The Daily Mail,  The New York Post, The Sun, and The Independent. Collier is a TEDx Speaker, four-time #1 best-selling author, and a featured guest on the Dr. Phil show.  


He resides in Santa Monica, CA.






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