142. The 18 Tracks of Intuition with Crystal Clenney

Season #5

Ready to expand your intuition so you can confidently trust yourself? Grab a free PDF guide: https://www.brendawinkle.com/intuition In this podcast episode, Brenda Winkle interviews Crystal Clenney, founder of Intuitive Human. They explore the multifaceted nature of intuition and sound sensitivity. They discuss the impact of sound on the body and mind, with personal anecdotes about sound sensitivity and the use of noise-canceling headphones. The conversation covers the 18 paths of intuition, including six empath tracks—physical, emotional, animal, plant, medical, and geomagnetic—and niche tracks like telepathy and mediumship. They delve into shared and near-death experiences, the cultural acceptance of intuition, and the societal implications of embracing intuitive abilities. Brenda and Crystal also address the importance of integrity in intuitive practitioners and the various ways individuals access their intuitive gifts, whether through stillness or movement. The episode emphasizes the transformative power of intuition and encourages listeners to explore and honor their unique intuitive skills.

Tune into hear... 

  • Intuition and sound sensitivity

  • Impact of sound on individuals' lives

  • Different paths of intuition and somatic signaling system

  • Experience of being partially deaf and sensitivity to sound

  • Power of acoustical sounds in altering consciousness

  • Use of noise-canceling headphones to manage sound sensitivity

  • 18 tracks of intuition including the six claire paths of intuition, six empath tracks, and 6 niche tracks related to intuitive abilities

  • Shared death experiences and near-death experiences

  • Challenges of promoting intuition in the United States vs. other places in the world

  • Trust in intuitive abilities and the impact of time on intuitive predictions

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