129. Three ways to improve almost everything

Season #5

Download the free guide to feel better fast: https://www.brendawinkle.com/feelbetterfast In this podcast episode, Brenda Winkle, host of "Your Yes-Filled Life," explores how to live more joyfully by overcoming subconscious barriers. She introduces the "Yes to Me" challenge, a free event designed to help people embrace joy and discern their true desires. Brenda shares her own "year of yes" experience, emphasizing the growth that comes from stepping outside one's comfort zone. She advises practicing genuine generosity, setting boundaries to prevent burnout, and engaging in somatic practices to build resilience. Brenda also suggests sharing positive experiences early in conversations to foster a celebratory atmosphere and encourages listeners to download a workbook for further guidance. She concludes with the importance of gratitude, appreciation, and personal responsibility in creating a fulfilling life.

Listen to hear...

  1. Concept of a "yes-filled life"
  2. Tips for overcoming subconscious barriers
  3. Why you might want to join the "Yes to Me" challenge
  4. Importance of true generosity
  5. Somatic practices for resilience
  6. "Crowding out" obligations with joy-filled activities
  7. Sharing positive experiences early in conversations
  8. Practicing appreciation and gratitude
  9. Starting conversations with something positive
  10. Personal responsibility in shaping your reality

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 Time Stamps

Introduction (00:00:01)
Brenda Winkle introduces the podcast and encourages listeners to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast.

The concept of a "yes-filled life" (00:01:02)
Brenda discusses the concept of a "yes-filled life" and the importance of discernment in saying yes.

Yes to Me Challenge (00:02:09)
Brenda promotes the "Yes to Me" challenge and its potential to change lives.

Practicing true generosity (00:04:34)
Brenda emphasizes the importance of true generosity and giving only when there is genuine capacity to do so.

Taking breaks and self-care (00:08:09)
Brenda shares personal experiences and the importance of taking breaks and prioritizing self-care.

Somatic practices for resilience (00:13:32)
Brenda discusses somatic practices for increasing resilience and balancing the nervous system.

Crowding out obligations with things that light you up (00:15:49)
Brenda encourages the practice of "crowding out" obligations with activities that bring joy and fulfillment.

Sharing positive experiences early in conversations (00:18:10)
Brenda advises sharing positive experiences early in conversations and setting boundaries with individuals who discourage this.

Shifting mindset and intentionality (00:19:09)
Brenda discusses the subconscious tendency to downplay positive experiences and the importance of shifting mindset and intentionality.

Mind Shift and Positive Conversations (00:21:34)
Brenda discusses the mind shift that changed her life and the importance of starting conversations with positive experiences.

Nervous System Regulation and Healing (00:22:38)
Brenda talks about healing and re-patterning the nervous system to embrace positivity and shares details about the "Yes to Me" challenge.

Appreciation vs. Gratitude (00:24:53)
Brenda explains the difference between appreciation and gratitude and guides listeners to practice appreciation.

Impact of Appreciation (00:26:05)
Brenda demonstrates the impact of appreciation on improving mood and encourages listeners to practice appreciation.

Starting Conversations with Positivity (00:29:00)
Brenda emphasizes the importance of starting conversations with positive experiences and the impact it has on the energy of the conversation.

Balancing Positivity and Acknowledging Challenges (00:30:01)
Brenda discusses the importance of acknowledging challenges while also finding something positive to share in conversations.

Setting Energetic Configuration (00:32:12)
Brenda explains the impact of setting a positive energetic configuration at the beginning of conversations and its influence on the listener.

Creating a Field of Positivity (00:33:16)
Brenda discusses the concept of creating a field of positivity and how it can contain negative experiences in conversations.

Manifesting Abundance through Positivity (00:35:36)
Brenda explains how speaking about positive experiences can manifest abundance and impact one's reality.

Recap and Invitation to Join Programs (00:36:40)
Brenda summarizes the three key practices and extends an invitation to join the "Yes to Me" challenge and the "Second Chapter" program.

Empowerment and Transformation (00:39:32)
Brenda shares details about the "Second Chapter" program and emphasizes its potential to bring about transformation and empowerment.

Call to Action and Conclusion (00:41:39)
Brenda encourages listeners to take action, shares resources, and expresses her desire for everyone to live a "yes-filled life."


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