122. Understanding Inner Child Work with Anat Peri

Season #5

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 In this podcast episode, Brenda interviews Anat, an inner child expert, who shares her synchronistic encounter with a previous podcast guest, Samantha Skelly. Anat discusses her 19-year journey in self-development and her focus on coaching others in healing their inner child. She explains that inner child work involves connecting with one's emotions and unlearning childhood imprints. Anat emphasizes the importance of retraining the nervous system to increase one's capacity to handle life's challenges and opportunities. The conversation also touches on the role of parental influence and the transformative power of facing discomfort and embracing self-growth.

Tune in to hear...

  •  Anat's background and experience in the self-development space
  • The concept of inner child work and its importance in healing and transformation
  • Exploring the impact of childhood imprints on adult behavior and emotions
  • Understanding the role of the nervous system in handling challenges and expanding capacity
  • Anat's insights on processing emotions through journaling and self-validation
  • The influence of parental modeling on self-perception and behavior
  • Anat's personal journey of choosing herself and surrendering to the unknown
  • The transformative power of inner child healing and choosing oneself

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