121. Having a bad day? Try my "Save the Day Method"

Season #5

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In this episode, Brenda Winkle, shares her "Save the Day" Method you can use when you have a bad moment or day. She shares two client questions asking for guidance when they feel badly: feeling anxious, tired from insomnia, frustration, fear, grumpy, angry, etc. 

Here are the takeaways...

  1. Use the "Save the Day" method to interrupt feeling bad. 
  2. The "Save the Day" method uses three steps: 
    1. Step One - Acknowledge Your Feelings
    2. Step Two - Use Appreciation as a vehicle to feel better
    3. Step Three - Choose an item from the "Save the Day" menu
      • Breathwork
      • Dance it out
      • Listen to high-vibrational music
      • Go for a walk
      • Take a nap
      • Call a friend
      • Reach out for support from a mentor
      • Journaling

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