28. Change your thoughts and change your life

Season #1

Energy is everything

Science - physics, in particular, tells us that we are all 99.999% energy and only .0001% matter. Isn't it interesting as though we move through the world acting as if it's the other way around?

In this episode, you'll hear some of Day 2 of the Yes to Me challenge.


Here are the takeaways

  • Hydrate to elevate - drink more water
  • Create a calm corner that engages your senses. Take those sensory experiences out into the world with you to create a sense of calm when you need to
  • Your reticular activating system - a bunch of neurons in your brain - functions to filter unnecessary things from entering your awareness and also is the reason after you go car shopping for a specific car, you see that kind of car everywhere. YOU are the one who decides what to see. 
  • Asking to see signs is a beautiful way to feel connected to the universe - and to any loved ones on the other side
  • You speak and believe your world into existence. Think about what you WANT. If you have a thought you don't want... just say, "delete, delete, delete".
  • Let go of controlling outcomes
  • Change is a cycle... give yourself grace. If you are even THINKING of change, you're already on the path

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