27. How to expand your energy - Yes to Me Day 1

Season #1

How to Expand Your Energy

Energy is everything. The world responds to YOUR energy and in this episode of the Waves of Joy Podcast, I offer an energy experiment inspired by Pam Grout in her book E2

This episode includes some our the live Yes To Me Challenge Day 1 from August 23, 2022. 


Here are the takeaways

  • Stress is addictive. Pattern changing might feel life-threatening because of that addiction. It's just a patterned rut in your thinking and can be changed.
  • Your ego might have to die a little but you won't die from allowing more ease into your life
  • When you are thinking or talking about positive things, your energy LITERALLY expands
  • Negative thinking or talking contracts your energy - you literally become smaller
  • Saying yes to you starts in small steps that when combined, make a big impact
  • Scaffold ways to feel better fast so you don't have to make decisions when you need to shift energy
  • Use the bathroom when you have to go. No excuses.


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