23. 5 things to do when you're sad

Season #1

I've been hosting free clarity coaching calls. It's been so much fun!! I've been talking with wonderful people who are asking great questions. 


I had a call this week with a woman who asked, "what do you do if you're sad?".


The timing couldn't have been more perfect because this is one I'm living right now with the loss of my dog, Hutch.


Plus, how to manage sadness or other tough emotions is a question I get fairly often.  Since I'm doing the work of being sad AND still accessing joy I thought I'd record a podcast episode about that question.


Here are the takeaways.


1. Experiencing the full range of emotions - all the feelings - is a good thing because it not only provides the contrast we need to really appreciate the beautiful moments, but it means we are processing our feelings. 


2. Processing and feeling our feelings in the moment means we aren't storing them in our bodies as muscle pain, tension, headaches, inflammation or disease. 


3. Lean in fully. Allow sadness to exist. 


4. Then choose something that makes you feel better. A great song, a walk, nature, call a friend, journal, meditate. 


5. Treat your emotional pain like your physical pain. If I had a skinned knee and I kept pushing on it and saying it hurts, you'd tell me to stop pushing on it, right? Same things with emotional pain. Feel the feeling and then reach for a better feeling thought. Don't ruminate on why you are sad. 


6. Make a plan to feel better and be proactive about executing it.


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