You deserve to feel good, to be happy, to feel calmer. 


Healing heals forward. When one of us heal... we all heal.


That's why I'm so committed to showing up for you. 


The world NEEDS you. Your special gift. 


We all need your light to burn brightly. I'll help you do that.



A candle looses nothing

by lighting another candle.  


I offer these free session because not only do they help you, they help me.

I LOVE coaching. 

Helping you find your light helps me keep mine burning. 


First Come First Serve

Each month I'll give away a limited number of free coaching sessions.


Once you complete the form, you'll be able to schedule your session.

Here's what to expect


Here's what to expect.

We'll zoom in at your chosen time. I'll have my camera on and request you have your camera on also.


Your session will be recorded. I may use portions of my coaching on my podcast but I will NEVER use your voice, identity, or name on the podcast without your written permission (email or text). Promise.


I am not a counselor or therapist. I do not offer mental health counseling and this coaching session is not a substitute for your mental health care. 


I am a highly intuitive mindset and empowerment coach, Reiki Master, and Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner.


This session is free and my gift to you. If you no-show, you forfeit your session and you will not be allowed to reschedule. Sessions will start and end at the scheduled times.


Schedule now

Sessions are first-come, first-serve. If you don't see any available, come back in a day or two. 

Limit: 1 per person.

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