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Brenda supports highly sensitive people, empaths, people-pleasers, overachievers, and perfectionists who are ready to make their sensitivity their greatest power.


Three core focuses of Brenda's work include:

  1. Healing your nervous system
  2. Setting boundaries
  3. Energy (healing, management, protection, working with guides and angels, cards, crystals)


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Nice to meet you! I'm Brenda. 

I'm so glad you are here!! I'm trained as a trauma-informed breathwork facilitator, a trauma informed Reiki Master, and Advanced ThetaHealing Practiotioner and have a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership. My mission is simple: to help you feel REALLY good and live the life you deeply desire. 

I'd love to connect with you to see if I can support your goals. Let's jump on a zoom call!

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From Brenda:

You are your highest authority. I'll support you on your journey to believe that.


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I joined yes academy because I had such a good experience in the Yes to Me Challenge. I didn't realize I needed intense coaching. The meditations really drew me in. All the tips and tools have been a million-dollar bonus - PRICELESS. If I had to go back and make that choice again, I would absolutely do it again. It's something that will last a lifetime. 

-Yes Academy Student


The most helpful part of Yes Academy was the Bill of Rights. Learning to make decisions around those truths was really important to me. The ThetaHealing® Meditations were incredibly powerful, some of the quickest ways I've been able to tap into my higher self and that wisdom ever. Finally, learning to understand how to protect my energy and recognize feeling different things in my body was ok, and that it was good to listen to my body. 

-Yes Academy Student


Brenda is a pro at getting to the root of an issue. With just a few statements and questions, she can quickly identify the issue and related emotions at my own subconscious level. She brings awareness to the emotions and then shifts the energy from awareness to validation to action as we focus on my goals. It's incredible how much she can do in each and every call.

-Coaching Client

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