143. Let inner wisdom be your guide with Megan Sandve

Season #5

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In this podcast episode, Brenda and Megan discuss the importance of self-care and recognizing signs of overwhelm. They share personal experiences and strategies for managing stress, such as using disruptors and engaging in outdoor activities. Megan emphasizes the value of morning routines and the need to prepare for self-care when energy levels are higher. They also explore the challenges of maintaining flexibility in self-care practices to avoid rigidity. The conversation touches on the transformative power of breathwork, with both speakers sharing how it helped them navigate difficult emotions and improve their well-being. 

Tune in to hear... 

  • Self-care and recognizing signs of overwhelm
  • Signs and symptoms of overwhelm
  • Importance of developing disruptors to break negative patterns
  • Importance of outside time and deep connections with loved ones as essential self-care practices
  • Ongoing journey of self-care and the need to continually refine and adapt self-care practices
  • Importance of planning and preparing ahead of time when feeling depleted
  • Finding the best time of day for energy and self-care activities
  • Being open to reevaluating and adapting self-care practices
  • Initial reluctance towards breathwork and its transformative impact
  • Mutual appreciation and gratitude for each other's presence and the opportunity to connect

About Meghan Sandve

Meghan is a Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator & Somatic Facilitator. She is the founder of RELEASE breathwork community. Her mission is to empower you to stop looking outside of yourself for the answers and let your inner wisdom be your guide.

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