141. I'm going to travel full time

Season #5

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In this podcast episode, Brenda Winkle, the host, announces her decision to embark on full-time travel starting in June 2024. She shares her passion for exploration and her plans to live in Airbnbs, visit new places, and connect with friends and family. Brenda is at a point in her life where she feels free to travel, with her daughter independent and no traditional job holding her back. She discusses giving up her townhouse and the mixed feelings of excitement and uncertainty that accompany her decision. Brenda also touches on the concept of upper limits and resistance, sharing personal experiences and coping strategies like breathwork and tapping. She invites listeners to engage with her journey and offers a "Yes to Me" challenge to her audience.


Tune in to hear...

  • Brenda's decision to travel full-time
  • Exploring the concept of upper limits and resistance
  • Preparation for the full-time travel lifestyle
  • Excitement and love for travel and exploring new places
  • Reflection on past travel experiences and future plans
  • Unique window of opportunity for travel
  • Strategies for creating nervous system safety

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