140. Intuitive Knowing to Transform Your Life with Marc Nikirk

Season #5

In this podcast episode, Brenda Winkle and Marc Nikirk engage in a profound discussion about their spiritual paths, intuitive insights, and the role of pivotal moments in shaping their lives. They explore the Akashic Records, the challenges of identity and labels, and the significance of intuitive guidance in decision-making. They share personal stories of loneliness, healing, and the evolution of consciousness. Mars recounts her experience as an Akashic Records reader and the guidance she received to create a course. They also discuss the themes of resistance, surrender, and the importance of self-forgiveness and honoring one's truth. The episode concludes with a reflection on the power of saying "yes" to life's pauses and the transformative journey of embracing one's full human experience.

 Listen to hear...

  • Pivotal moments that can shape lives
  • Experiences with intuitive knowing
  • Journeys as spiritual practitioners
  • The Akashic Records
  • Impact of intuitive knowing on life choices
  • Embracing divine essence beyond human labels
  • Feeling of loneliness and being misunderstood in relation to intuitive experiences
  • Marc' journey as an Akashic Records reader
  • Brenda's experience of intuitive guidance and life changes
  • Themes of resistance, surrender, forgiveness, and embracing the human experience

About Marc Nikirk

She’s the Experience Lead for Pause Delivery.  

Energy is EVERYTHING and Marc continues to take energetics to the next level.  Being a student is her passion and teaching is her drive.

Marc is a Trauma Informed Breathwork Coach, Integrative Somatic Trauma Practicioner, International Akashic Record Reader, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher/Student and Human Design Coach.

She’s studied under the Embody Lab, Pause, Ashley Wood (A Line Within), Christine Core and Jakclyn Shaw (For the Wild Femme).

Doing personal development work for the past 15-20 years. Her mission is truly about guiding humans back into the divinity of who they are by bridging the gap between the spiritual vibration and the dense 3D reality.  She supports her mission by merging body based modalities with energetics.

Connect with Marc 

Instagram: @Marci.Nikirk

Website: https://www.pausebreathwork.com/facilitator-training-program/ 

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