128. Power dynamics in relationships: Predator, prey or partner with Amy Carroll

Season #5

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In this podcast episode, host Brenda Winkle and guest Amy Carroll discuss the dynamics of communication in relationships, focusing on the roles of predator, prey or partner and how these affect power balance. Amy, a communication coach, shares insights on projecting confidence through body language and vocal inflection. They explore cultural perceptions of smiles and the importance of genuine warmth. The episode touches on the value of role-play and improv in improving communication, with Amy advocating for saying "yes" to opportunities as a path to personal growth. They conclude by inviting listeners to engage on Instagram and offering a free e-book to those mentioning Brenda Winkle. 

Listen to hear about...

  1. Dynamics of predator, prey, and partner in relationships
  2. Use of improv and roleplay in communication coaching
  3. Impact of mindset on relationships
  4. Body language, voice, words, and mindset in interactions
  5. Child parts and past experiences influencing behavior
  6. Healing and re-patterning events through roleplay
  7. Application of improv principles in effective communication
  8. Power and authority dynamics in relationships
  9. Perception of smiles in different cultures
  10. Enhancing communication skills and building authority

About Amy Carroll

Amy is a Swiss/American communication coach working with multinationals, specializing in leadership and positive influence. Amy’s keynotes and programs are highly engaging, interactive and instantly applicable. Along with her 7 Partner mindset techniques, participants discover how to communicate mutual respect and manage themselves under pressure.

The result has been transformational for many.

With over 30 years of experience, her understanding of the human psyche is extensive. Amy holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, is a Professional Certified Coach, Master Practitioner of NLP and author of The Ego Tango, How to Get More of What You Want More Often with Less Hassle.

Amy offers additional value through her videos, newsletters, blogs, webinars & podcasts.

DM or email Amy at [email protected] and mention Brenda Winkle to get a free ebook: The Ego Tango 

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