125. 5 signs you are high-achieving your healing

Season #5

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In this episode of "Your Yes-Filled Life," Brenda Winkle, a trauma-informed breathwork facilitator and intuitive healer, explores the concept of high-achieving healing. She identifies five signs that someone may be overextending themselves in their healing journey and introduces her masterclass "Your Next Chapter." Brenda shares personal stories and emphasizes the need for a balanced approach to healing, advocating for flexibility, joy, and listening to one's body. Her insights aim to guide high performers and achievers towards a sustainable and supportive healing process.

Listen to hear: 

  1. High-achieving healing and its impact on the healing journey
  2. Pitfalls of high achievers seeking healing
  3. Signs of high-achieving healing, such as rigid morning routines and seeking discomfort
  4. Importance of understanding oneself and others, turning intuitive gifts into a positive force, and embracing change
  5. Debunking the notion that intensity correlates with transformation
  6. Practical advice and strategies for creating a balanced and sustainable approach to healing
  7. Emphasis on listening to one's body, finding joy in daily activities, and avoiding excessive external content consumption
  8. Brenda's expertise as a trauma-informed breathwork facilitator, somatic coach, and intuitive healer

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