124. What Your Symptoms Mean: Biodecoding with Amy McAbeer

Season #5

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In this podcast episode, Brenda Winkle and Amy McAbeer delve into the topic of bio-decoding and its role in healing trauma. Amy shares her personal struggle with PTSD and how bio-decoding helped her recover. They explore the connection between the body and emotional experiences, emphasizing the need to address symptoms early. Amy explains bio-decoding as a method that identifies and resolves the root causes of bodily symptoms, often tracing back to childhood events. Brenda relates this to her somatic coaching work, and both acknowledge the importance of integrating mind, body, and spirit for profound healing. Amy's journey from corporate health innovation to founding Violet Crown Wellness is also discussed, showcasing her dedication to holistic health practices.

Listen to hear more about...

  • Bio-decoding and its role in healing trauma
  • Amy McAbeer's personal journey with trauma and her discovery of bio-decoding 
  • The connection between emotional experiences and physical symptoms
  • The integration of ancient wisdom, hypnosis, and NLP in bio-decoding
  • The importance of addressing symptoms early for rapid resolution
  • The impact of trauma on the body and the need for holistic healing approaches
  • The ongoing process of healing and the continual emergence of new content to work through
  • The connection between trauma and the body's reaction, regardless of the cause
  • The significance of addressing symptoms early to prevent major health issues
  • The role of breathwork and somatic coaching in healing trauma and promoting overall well-being

Connect with Amy McAbeer:

Instagram: @amymcabeer and @violetcrownwellness

Linkedin: amymcabeer

Website: Www.violetcrownwellness.com

About Amy McAbeer:

Amy fully believes the body has the innate ability to heal. Amy serves as a guide for people looking to move past physical or mental blocks. She guides you to connect with your inner knowing, release the past, resolve physical symptoms, and boldly create the life you desire! Her superpower is curiosity and enjoys laughing with her three children, dancing wildly, and being fully immersed in nature.

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