123. Do the right work at the right time with Frenchie Ferenczi

Season #5

 In this podcast episode, Brenda Winkle interviews Frenchie Firenczi, a growth strategist who partners with small business owners to help them scale their businesses effectively. Frenchie shares her journey from feeling lost in her work to becoming a guide for entrepreneurs seeking to simplify their operations and focus on intentional growth. She discusses the pitfalls of overcommitment and the importance of aligning actions with revenue goals. Frenchie emphasizes the value of understanding the journey of business growth, whether it leads to change or stability. Her approach to business strategy includes setting clear, time-bound goals and staying focused on income-generating activities.

Listen to hear more about...

  1. Frenchie's role as a growth strategist and thought partner for small business owners
  2. The importance of simplifying and finding ways to grow businesses without feeling overwhelmed
  3. Frenchie's personal journey and experiences in the business world
  4. The impact of overcommitting and not setting intentional goals in business
  5. The challenges and rewards of being a solopreneur or small business owner
  6. Strategies for staying focused on revenue-producing tasks
  7. The concept of "F Manifesting" and the role of manifesting in business
  8. Frenchie's decision to start her own business and her views on traditional startup culture
  9. The importance of staying close to revenue-generating activities in business
  10. The challenges of balancing creativity and income generation in business


About Frenchie Ferenczi...

Frenchie Ferenczi is a business strategist and advisor for overwhelmed (but seriously ambitious) experts and creatives. She helps small business owners do the right work at the right time so they can stay on the path to consistent revenue growth. From having sold-out launches to spending more time with their kids, she empowers her clients to achieve their biggest business goals without falling victim to the business grind.

Contact Frenchie

Instagram: www.instagram.com/frenchie.ferenci 

YouTube: www.youtube.com/@frenchieferenczi

Website: www.frenchieferenczi.com


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