115. Which leader are you? A hen or an eagle?

Season #5

Try breathwork free: https://www.brendawinkle.com/breathe. In this episode, you'll hear about two leadership styles that host Brenda Winkle has termed Hen and Eagle. Both are lovely birds but they are very different. One isn’t good or bad. It’s only a problem for you if you THINK you want to be one but you are behaving as the other. In this episode, Brenda shares 10 discoveries about leadership using the lens of the hen and the eagle.. 

Here are the takeaways...

  1. There are 10 symptoms you might be a hen. You find yourself saying things like “no one listens to me” or “no one asks me for my opinion”, you are listening and talking to the same people with the same perspectives all the time without being intentional about seeking other perspectives, you talk about the same things all the time, and most of what you are saying is complaining, you move in a large group, where one of you goes, all of you go, you talk more than you listen, you don’t take time or space to resource yourself and often complain about being tired, you move very fast. 
  2. No one is going to invite you to the table or to share your opinion BEFORE you engage in active listening and learn about what’s needed. It’s never just about you. Ask questions to better understand things and you’ll be amazed at what tables you get invited to.
  3. Complaining just to complain is a bad habit. You can make a different choice and when you do… your energy will begin to trend in a new direction that will blow your mind. If you do have a complaint to lodge, a hen complains to hear themselves talk. An eagle brings an idea to the table for a solution.
  4. It’s not up to someone else to make you feel better. No one is coming to rescue you. No one will do it for you. Take full responsibility for your experience and let go of any blaming or finger-pointing. 
  5. Hens want to you stay with them. They will pull you back repeatedly and it’s so easy to go back. But if you want to be an eagle, you’ll need to love your hens and then go fly high.
  6. Eagles fly alone but are always connected to other eagles. Spend time alone. Create space for your own thoughts and ideas to emerge. You need spaciousness to fly as an eagle. This doesn’t mean you are doing it alone… it means you know when to connect with others WHILE you maintain your sovereignty as an eagle. 
  7. Be intentional about putting yourself into rooms with new people, new experiences and new perspectives. You don’t have to LEAVE the hens in your life but you’ll need to create spaciousness so that you aren’t living in a wind tunnel of influence. 
  8. When something doesn’t feel good, walk away. Don’t stay there complaining - that’s a hen move. Turn your attention away from what doesn’t feel good, resource yourself, then go back in with a new attitude and energy. DO not tolerate things that don’t feel good. 
  9. Go slow. Ask questions. Do not let anyone rush you… that’s why the eagle can fly so high…. The eagle isn’t manically flapping their wings. They soar. They take their time. Then when they are ready, they move in. 
  10. Eagles take care of themselves UNAPOLOGICALLY. They take space. Breaks. Rest. Hens don’t. They complain about being tired, being sick and not feeling good but eagles make sure they feel good or they wait to show up UNTIL they feel good.
  11. Your ability to be an eagle is impacted by the qualify of the questions you are willing to ask yourself. Is this who I want to be? Is this what I want to be known for? Is this behavior, activity or conversation supporting my mission in life? Does this feel good? 



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