114. Cultivating Intuitive Leadership

Season #5

Try breathwork free: https://www.brendawinkle.com/breathe In this episode of the "Your Yes Filled Life" podcast, host Brenda Winkle explores the significance of intuitive leadership and self-leadership. She shares how intuition can enhance decision-making and innovation, emphasizing the need for leaders to trust and adapt using their inner guidance. There are 5 benefits to intuitive leadership and Brenda outlines three methods to cultivate intuition. She also includes a testimonial from a client named Deepa, who has benefited from somatic coaching and breathwork. Brenda encourages listeners to embrace their intuition to lead effectively in today's dynamic world.

Here are the takeaways...

  1. What is a leader? You are a leader, we all are.
  2. Self-leadership is where all leadership starts. Congruence is created when leaders do what they say and say what they mean... even if it's only to themself. Invitation to ask yourself if your choices are fueling your goal.
  3. Challenging traditional views of leadership
  4. The benefits of leading with intuition include: easier decision-making, creating more trust, fostering adaptability, connecting with your vision, and inspiring innovation.
  5. Tapping into intuition for innovation and out-of-the-box thinking
  6. Three ways to cultivate a relationship with intuition: breathwork, spending time in nature, and active listening
  7. Benefits of breathwork and its ability to promote access to intuition
  8. Connection between nature and improved mental health and access to intuition
  9. Client testimonial on the benefits of somatic coaching and breathwork in accessing intuition


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