113. Finding your voice with Joy Graysen

Season #5

Try breathwork free: https://www.brendawinkle.com/breathe In this episode of Your Yes Filled Life, host Brenda interviews Joy Graysen, a vocal coach who specializes in helping creators such as singers, writers, actors, and coaches to express their authentic selves without fear. Joy discusses her approach to overcoming the fear that inhibits the flow state necessary for artistic expression. She emphasizes the importance of breathing and focus, suggesting that envisioning a comforting person can help maintain a state of flow. Joy shares her journey through trauma and how nature inspired her to understand the importance of openness and love as opposed to fear and defensiveness. The conversation touches on the power of the heart's electromagnetic field and the quantum field in accessing one's creative potential. 

Here are the takeaways...


  1. Heart Wide Open: Joy has this incredible insight that fear doesn't need to be your sidekick in the creative journey. Picture yourself stepping out onto a stage or in front of a camera, minus that familiar nervous churn. That's the kind of liberation she's guiding her clients toward.
  2. When Flow Gets Flustered: You know that moment when you've rehearsed to a T, but then you seize up under the spotlight? Joy sheds light on how fear can hijack your flow state, causing you to lose grip on your creative spark.
  3. Breath and Focus: The antidote to fear. It's beautifully straightforward – deep, intentional breathing and honing in on your core message and the people you're reaching out to.
  4. The Quantum Connection: Joy lets us in on her strategy for keeping it real – picture talking to someone who naturally draws out your brilliance, and let that bond energize your performance.
  5. Celebrating the Stumbles: Just like a toddler taking their first steps, Joy champions the idea of seeing each tumble as a learning curve, not a cue for criticism. Recognize and release any thoughts of perfectionism.
  6. Wisdom from the Wild: Joy talks about how she draws inspiration from nature, noting how plants don't shy away from the sun's rays, much like how we should radiate confidently without self-guarding. Brenda reminded us that even the biggest, tallest Redwood Tree is not apologizing for it's bigness.
  7. The Love-Fear Spectrum: Central to Joy's teaching is this beautiful notion that love is about growing and opening up, while fear makes us shrink and disconnect from our inner wonders.



 About Joy Graysen


Joy Graysen, a seasoned Confidence and Performance Coach, has devoted over three decades to empowering Performers and Creators. With her transformative performance mastery methods, she propels artists from the sidelines to the forefront of their true purpose, igniting a life they once dreamt of as children. Joy guides artists into "The Zone" and imparts the wisdom to remain there, not in years, but mere weeks. Through her holistic approach encompassing targeted mindset work, metaphysical awareness training, spiritual empowerment, technical training, and beyond, Joy unveils the individual superpowers within each artist. Embrace your authentic voice, build your big dream, and believe in the magic of your own creation with Joy's loving and spiritual Performance Mastery Program, crafted specifically for those longing to fully engage and manifest their true purpose. 

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