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Welcome to Second Chapter

This one's about you.


Unlock your fullest potential with Second Chapter. This program is designed for mid-life women like you‚ÄĒsuccessful, busy, and ready for the next phase of personal and professional growth. Through tailored coaching, intuitive development, and emotional healing, you'll gain the tools to live a life of confidence and clarity.



Second Chapter is for you if...

  • You want to grow your confidence¬†
  • You want to feel¬†empowered
  • You want to feel confident in expressing your needs and desires without being afraid of conflict.

  • ¬†You want to turn your¬†intuition into a gift even if you've been told that it‚Äôs silly, weird, or that¬†you are being over-sensitive.¬†

  • You desire a deep sense of self-worth that doesn‚Äôt depend on¬†anyone's¬†approval.¬†

  • You want to stop worrying about what other people think and you want to stop people-pleasing.¬†
  • You want to feel empowered to create the life of your dreams
  • You have a mission on your heart and want to serve others with your book, your new¬†spiritual offerings, or your energy energy-healing business
  • You are navigating or want to create a change: wanting a move, kids leaving the house, new career, retiring from one career and creating another, improving your romantic relationship, or finding a new one
Start Your Transformation Today

"I joined Second Chapter because I had attended many of Brenda’s free classes and I loved them all. I wanted more of what she was teaching. Since I have joined, many positive things have happen in my life. I have more time to do the things I want to do, I have learned how to say NO and how to protect my energy. I have also attended her Reiki training and am moving forward with starting a Reiki practice. My favorite part of Second Chapter is the friendships I have found with like-minded people. I love the connections that I have formed with the others in the group. If you want to connect with like-minded women, heal yourself with breathwork and learn new things about yourself, you should absolutely join! It is a life-changing experience!"

Tiara Rosane
Risk Management and Reiki Practitioner

How Second Chapter Can Benefit You

  • Develop your intuition and learn to read energy so you can stop overthinking¬†and make confident decisions about what's right for you without needing to make decisions by committee
  • Gain the confidence¬†to create and navigate the next chapter of your life¬†by letting go of¬†people-pleasing. Through somatic coaching and breathwork, it will finally feel safe to live as your authentic self.
  • Learn Energy Work¬†so you can stop¬†taking on so much from other people and you can expand your energy
  • Identify and heal¬†the blocks that have been holding you back¬†
  • Become a better communicator. Set healthier boundaries. Learn ways to say the things you've been too scared to say. Learn to listen and to be heard.
  • Become a part of a community¬†of intuitive, sensitive, and successful women just like you. A rising tide lifts all boats and in this community, we all rise together.¬†


When you implement the tools and strategies offered, show up for the breathwork and somatic coaching in your hot seat... You'll learn to say Yes to YOU. 


"You have helped me identify, name, and heal things that were constantly holding me back but that I was somewhat or totally unconscious of. You are helping me heal those things that have made it unsafe to fully live out my purpose. You have also helped redefine what safety/unsafety and trauma can look and feel like. I only ever thought of safety as physical safety and I have thankfully not been in many situations where I feel physically unsafe. And I never really felt I had the right to have trauma since the "Big T" traumas had never happened to me."

Kendra D
Marketing Exec



Start Your Transformation Today

"After my session I felt grounded and connected to the divine. That I had received a physical and emotional release. That my God given vision, my souls purpose is embodied and attainable and aim supported in achieve this."

Caroline Gibson
Chartered Psychologist and Breathwork Facilitator

What's Included? 

  • Inner Child Healing in Somatic Coaching Hot Seats and in breathwork sessions
  • Gain confidence and clarity through recorded modules and integrative workbooks
  • Learn how to let go of people-pleasing with scripts, cheatsheets, guides and guided practice
  • Learn to love yourself more
  • Improve your relationships with better communication and healthy boundaries using guided practice and scripts


 We'll dive into topics like abundance, money, leadership, relationships, boundaries, time, magnetism, energetics, communication, building a business or podcast to support your mission and so much more. 

You'll receive high-level support from me AND your peers in Second Chapter so you make the big leaps you want to make, heal the parts of you longing for healing, and learn to love the parts of yourself that have felt unlovable. 


  • Here's the structure...

    • 6 months inside¬†Second Chapter (enroll closes May 31 for the June Cohort)
    • 3 breathwork sessions per month¬†
    • 3 content calls with hot seats per month (you are guaranteed at least one hot seat during your time in Second Chapter)
    • 6-month access to replays while you are a member of¬†Second Chapter
    • Voxer voice chat for quick answers and community support
    • Exclusive access to a member's portal with recorded modules, PDF guides, breathwork sessions and meditations
    • Access to additional 1:1 support at an exclusive price available only to¬†Second Chapter members
    • 1 free bonus workshop per quarter (2 in your 6 months inside¬†Second Chapter)
    • 1 free breathwork session/moon ceremony per quarter (2 in your 6 months inside¬†Second Chapter)


Second Chapter is a 4 figure investment.  There are payment plans available.

"You have a way of getting to the root of my flow or lack of flow and I always feel so much better. The most surprising thing is how much more in tune I am with my body and mind. Also how much more connected I am to the others in the group. I feel like we all have so much in common and it is really strong. I started this to gain confidence and empowerment of what I know to be true about me. I was in a hamster wheel of a career and I needed a change. Retiring and starting my Sound Healing business is just the start of something big. I can feel it. "

Jill Perrin
Sound Healer

"Brenda is the real deal. She is able to coherently explain energy shifts and somatic work in ways that are practical and down to earth. My transformations after sessions with Brenda aren't one-and-done. I often have waves of deeper and deeper transformation that last days if not weeks. Brenda is able to see the blindspots and uncover deeper meanings to our sessions. She is also expertly able to redirect when the structured mind takes over and mutes the body."

Deepa N.

"Brenda is a true guiding light in my journey of self-discovery. Her expertise in breathing and somatic coaching, coupled with her ability to access my Akashic records, created an experience that was both profound and transformative. In her gentle and loving hands, I felt held in a space of safety and warmth. Let me tell you about Brenda ‚Äď she's like the Swiss Army knife of coaching, seriously! In one session, she guided me through breathing, somatic coaching, and even tapped into my Akashic records. I felt like I was in the coziest, safest space with her gentle and loving vibes. What truly sets Brenda apart is her dynamic approach, seamlessly weaving together different modalities in the same session. The combination of breathwork, somatic coaching, and Akashic record access was truly unique and deeply impactful. Thanks a bunch, Brenda, for your incredible guidance and the beautiful energy you bring to each session. You've been an integral part of my transformative journey, and I am immensely grateful for your support and wisdom. "

Christine Maier - Founder of Vital Breath
Certified Advanced Trauma-Informed Breathwork Faciliator and Somatic Coach


Second Chapter: This one's about you

When you step into your most authentic empowered self, you give permission to everyone around you to do the same.

My mission is to guide powerful and intuitive women to their inner confidence so you can create the impact on the world you know you are here to make.

  1. Be more confident
  2. Have more courage
  3. You will find your empowerment
  4. Experience healthy connections in our community

Second Chapter:

This one's about you

Start Your Transformation Today

Second Chapter

This one's about you.

Hi there!  I'm Brenda Winkle. I'm happy you are here.

I help you say YES to things that light you up & No to the things that don’t by blending the science of breathwork and somatic coaching with intuitive energy healing.

I blend science with the woo. There are very few - if any - people with access to the spiritual realm and intuitive healing who can tie in the science and back it with science-based protocols to promote healing.

 My training includes:

  • Master's Degree in Educational Leadership
  • Certified Advanced Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator
  • Certified Trauma-informed Somatic Coach
  • Advanced Training in Subtle Energetics (Energy Medicine)
  • Advanced ThetaHealing¬ģ Meditation Technique¬†
  • Dig Deeper ThetaHealing¬ģ Meditation Technique
  • Basic DNA ThetaHealing¬ģ Technique
  • Usui Reiki Master Teacher
  • Certified Oracle Card Reader

My work has been featured in Platinum Magazine, Top Sante' Magazine, The Telegraph, Brand You Magazine, The Metro, Authority Magazine/, NCAA Radio and I've guested on more than 40 podcasts.


Stop waiting for someone to give you permission. Start YOUR second chapter now.

Your Path to Transformation

Dive deep into a curriculum designed to awaken your fullest potential. Through breathwork, energy healing, and somatic coaching, Brenda supports you in navigating your path to a YES-Filled Life.

7 Pillars of Second Chapter

A Message from Brenda "I'm here to guide you back to your fullest empowerment, to help you live from a place of full-bodied YES. Together, we'll unlock your potential for more freedom, ease, and joy. It's time to step into the life you're meant to live, surrounded by a community that uplifts and supports your every leap."

Second Chapter

6 month live group coaching and healing program

Best Value



Includes a Bonus of 1 private 1:1 session with Brenda

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Second Chapter is a 6 month program that will accelerate your growth, uplevel your life, and help you step into your purpose to create a massive impact in exactly the way that resonates with you. 


Second Chapter

This one's about you.

It's time to say YES to YOU

Start Your Transformation Today

Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for Yes Academy

Second Chapter is designed to allow you to work at your own pace however the more you put into Second Chapter, the more you'll get out of it.

This is not a prescriptive program. It's a deeply personal journey and the more you show up for it, the bigger results you will see.

It is NOT a magic bullet. Second Chapter will not do the work for you. But if you do the implementation work and show up for yourself, Second Chapter WILL work. 

Attend as many live calls as you can or watch the replays. These will take 1-2 hours per week.

The integration work for each module will take you approximately an hour each week. That's about 1-3 hours every week with one week off per month.

You will have ongoing access to these recorded modules to take all the time you want. 

You'll have access to the recorded live calls for approximately 6 months for as long as you are part of Second Chapter. When your enrollment ends, your access to the live and recorded calls also ends, so attending as many live as possible is recommended. 



Second Chapter is high-level 6 month program with live calls, hot seats and recorded modules. 

Second Chapter is a 4 figure investment and there are payment plans available. 

If you want to chat let's jump on a call. You can schedule a call here. 

No payments are taken over zoom.


We start in May 2024. 


We'll meet live on Tuesdays at 11 am PT for our content / hot seat calls.


We'll meet live on Wednesdays at 4 pm PT for our breathwork sessions.


All calls will be recorded and uploaded into your portal within 48 hours. 

You can either join by checking out at the link on this page or you can chat more with Brenda about Second Chapter.

Book your information call today to see if this is the right fit for you. Book your call here.  


  • You aren't ready to show up for yourself and commit to being on as many calls and breathwork sessions as possible (or consistently watching the replays)
  • You are not self-responsible
  • You want to stay stuck in the victim mentality¬†
  • You aren't ready to do the inner work of implementing what you learn
  • You feel¬†uncomfortable¬†about or with energy work/energy healing or have religious beliefs that¬†make you feel uncomfortable¬†with energy healing, spirit guides, past lives, oracle cards, etc.¬†
  • You aren't ready to expand into the fullest version of yourself
  • You're still playing the blame game and feel like a victim.

"INCREDIBLE!!! We covered so much ground. Brenda provided such a calm, safe space for curious exploration of the body. I was SO amazed with all that came up and was moved through. Brenda, you have so much ease and flow in your coaching. You are an absolute PRO! and I love all the tools you intuitively built into the session. It was absolutely perfect!!! Thank you for patiently following my body's lead and giving all the parts arising time, love and space. SHE's INCREDIBLE!! inspirational and her system feels so safe, loving and inviting."

Dr. Michaela McClure
Chiropractor, Breathwork Facilitator and Somatic Coach

Stop waiting for the YES. BECOME it. 




Second Chapter.

This one's about you.

Start Your Transformation Today

"I feel I am free to be me, and my true self can shine through. I can use my voice and speak my truth. Full of joy for what lies ahead. Brenda's feelings are so accurate, she sends us messages throughout the journey if it is good for us, while leaving us space for our own revelations, which allowed me to better feel what I had need to free, to see, to hear. She really knows how to set the right dance, the right rhythm for us so that we can receive what needs to be seen, to be received, what needs to receive our love so that we can move forward more fairly and true with ourselves. "

MJ LaRoque
Advanced Trauma-Informed Breathwork Faciliator and Somatic Coach

Second Chapter: This one's about you.

6 month coaching and healing program

Best Value



Includes a Bonus of 1 private 1:1 session with Brenda

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Three Payment Plan


3 payments of $2100 for a total price of $6300

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Six Payment Plan


6 Payments of $1150 for a total price of $6900

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"Absolutely amazing. Brenda helped me unlock blocks I had no idea were there- in such a comfortable way."

Megan Moran
Founder of MomprenuerCo Podcasting Studio

"I love how grounded and embodied she is in her work."

Adriana Bisorca
Healer and Guide

Second Chapter

This one's about you.


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