127. Creating a Joyful Life with Caroline Gibson

Season #5

Navigating or Creating Change Free Breathwork and Masterclass - https://www.brendawinkle.com/nextchapter 

In this podcast episode, Brenda welcomes Caroline Gibson, a chartered psychologist and trauma-informed breathwork facilitator based in Ireland. They reminisce about their first meeting and discuss Caroline's transformative experience after discovering their breathwork mentor through Instagram. Caroline shares her journey from being intrigued by Samantha Skelly's energy to becoming a breathwork facilitator herself, now leading corporate wellness programs and planning to offer equine therapy retreats. They delve into the importance of surrounding oneself with positive energy, the power of laughter and joy, and the significance of intuition in decision-making. Caroline also talks about her belief in God-given visions and aligning with her purpose, which propels her forward in creating a joyful and fulfilling life. Brenda recognizes Caroline's ability to attract the right opportunities and effortlessly manifest her goals, highlighting the inspirational nature of Caroline's approach to life and work.

Listen to hear... 

  1. How to follow energy and its impact on life choices
  2. The importance of surrounding oneself with positive energy and avoiding draining relationships
  3. Incorporating fun and laughter into life
  4. Combining breathwork with equine therapy for transformation
  5. Creating a new reality and effortlessly manifesting desires 
  6. Impact of breathwork on stress relief and anxiety reduction
  7. Attracting the right kind of work and clients through positive energy
  8. Making decisions based on intuition and joy rather than fear or people-pleasing tendencies
  9. Encouraging a joyful life and making decisions based on what brings joy

About Caroline Gibson

Caroline Gibson is the Company Director of Gibson Hallmark, LTD, Chartered Psychologist, trauma-informed advanced Breathwork facilitator, and Equine therapist. She's worked in the private and public sectors for the last 20 years specializing in business improvement (Six Sigma Black Belt Certified ) and individual performance/coaching. She lives in the most beautiful part of the world, Tollymore Forest Park, with her amazing family and array of animals. She offers tailored, fun, luxury, high-impact retreats and programs for those who want to transform their lives. She works with individuals, families, and corporate businesses. 

Connect with Caroline Gibson

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carolinegib146/ 

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.gibsonhallmark.com

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