126. Value yourself enough to change (my story)

Season #5

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In this episode of the "Yes to the Life" podcast, host Brenda Winkle shares her personal journey of overcoming resistance to change, leaving an unhealthy marriage, and rebuilding her life with support from others. She introduces a seven-step framework for navigating life changes and announces a masterclass to teach these steps. Brenda discusses the importance of self-worth, support, and incorporating breathwork for somatic healing. She invites listener engagement, discusses her book "Empower Her," and encourages her audience to embrace the life they desire, ending with a message of gratitude and empowerment.


Listen to hear about...

  1. Brenda Winkle's personal experiences and insights on navigating change and making major life decisions
  2. Reflecting on resisting change and making significant life changes
  3. Importance of recognizing one's worthiness of change
  4. Introduction of a seven-step framework for navigating change
  5. Brenda's journey of resisting change in her marriage
  6. The pivotal role of support in holding the vibration of change
  7. Brenda's seven-step framework for navigating change
  8. Incorporating breathwork into her upcoming masterclass
  9. Inviting listeners to share topics they would love to hear about on the podcast
  10. Brenda's book "Empower Her" and her brand "Your Yes-Filled Life"



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