116. Use Heart Coherence To Guide You with Mesha McKittrick

Season #5

Host Brenda Winkle brings back Mesha McKittrick as a guest for an impactful conversation about letting go of control and unlearning ways of being that no longer serve you. 


Here are the takeaways...

  1. There is purpose in the fog. 
  2. Letting go and stepping into trust enables you to release control. When you trust the process you can believe that there is something better even if something doesn't work out. 
  3. Sometimes we control as a way to create safety for ourselves in the chaos. It can also be a way that we lean into distorted masculine energy with an edge. We control because it's somehow helpful to us but it doesn't feel good to us or to others. 
  4. Softening the edges happens over time when we allow ourselves to grow. It often comes with unlearning things we've been taught or picked up.
  5.  The journey is the arrival, the destination. Your journey on earth is continually becoming. 
  6. Heart coherence can ease depression, reset physical ailments, create more neural plasticity. When you are feeling good things you are thinking good things. Heart coherence can increase your access to intuition. 
  7. Changing your emotions changes your electromagnetic field which extends from 3-5 feet around you (at a minimum).


About Mesha

Mesha is a Mind & Heart Coach and creator of the podcast, Mindset Check. Through her brand My Friend Mesha, she is a Coach, Social Influencer and a Public Speaker. She graduated from ASU with a degree in Communications and an emphasis in Family Studies. She is also a registered Heart Math Technician though the Heart Math Institute. Her passion is teaching people that they have more power than think they do. She believes that what matters in life is NOT what happens, what matters is what you THINK about what happens.   Mesha has been married to her boyfriend for 24 years. She has 3 boys and an angel girl and she absolutely adores being their mom. She geeks out about the brain, quantum physics, heart intelligence and loves to learn endlessly about these topics. She is a yogi inside and out and if you put on a good beat she can’t help but dance! Paddle boarding and hiking add to her happiness!   She knows that when we live inspired it causes us to take actions that we otherwise would not have taken. It’s important for her to help others find the power that is already inside of them.


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