112. Body wisdom for high performers

Season #5

Try breathwork free: brendawinkle.com/breathe . In this podcast episode, Brenda Winkle, an energy healer for high performer, advocates for the importance of listening to our bodies and interpreting symptoms as messages rather than annoyances. She discusses the cultural habit of ignoring these signs and opting for quick fixes. Brenda shares her personal experience of ignoring her body's signals, leading to a period of depression, and how acknowledging her emotions led to improvement. She advises listeners to track what drains or energizes them and to focus on joy and fun to attract positive energy, offering a practical exercise to help identify these factors in their lives.

  1. Tune Into Your Body's Wisdom -Aches, pains, and even that nagging fatigue are not just random inconveniences; they're messages, clues to a deeper understanding of our well-being.
  2.  Symptoms: Signals, Not Nuisances - We often reach for the quickest fix to silence our body's complaints, but Brenda urges us to pause and interpret these signals instead. Imagine what we might discover if we treated every headache or bout of heartburn as a conversation starter with our own physiology.
  3. Intellect vs. Intuition: The Balancing Act - As high achievers, we're wired to value intellect, but Brenda reminds us that intuition shouldn't be sidelined. She shared stories of visionaries who've harnessed their gut feelings to make groundbreaking decisions. It's a reminder that sometimes, the best choice isn't the most logical one—it's the one that resonates with our inner wisdom.
  4. A Personal Journey Through Stress and Healing - Brenda got personal, recounting a time when she, despite her expertise, neglected her body's distress signals. It led to a low-level depression that many of us can relate to. Her turnaround came when she finally tuned in and allowed herself to process her emotions fully. 
  5. Energy Tracking: Your Personal Audit - One of the most actionable takeaways from our talk was Brenda's suggestion to keep an energy ledger. She challenges us to note what in our lives fills us with vigor and what drains us. It's a simple yet powerful exercise that can lead to life-altering decisions.
  6. The Joy Factor  -  prioritize joy and fun. It's not frivolous; it's strategic. By seeking out what makes us genuinely happy, we attract the kind of energy that can make our lives and the lives of those around us brighter.


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