111. The Power of 111 - Energize, Magnetize, Amplify and Manifest

Season #5

In the first episode of season five of "Your Yes Filled Life," Brenda Winkle discusses the power of positive thinking and the significance of the number 111 in manifesting one's desires. She talks about hosting a new moon ceremony to leverage this energy and encourages listeners to focus on the positive to raise their vibrations, referencing David Hawkins' "Map of Consciousness." Brenda also introduces a leadership certification program in her "Yes Academy" and emphasizes the importance of individual soul missions in creating global change. Her enthusiasm for personal growth and collective responsibility shines throughout the episode, as she invites her audience to spread the message and participate in the conversation about making a positive impact.

Here are the takeaways...

  1. 🌑 New Moon Magic & The Power of 111 Have you ever felt the universe was giving you a nudge? Well, consider this your loving shove! On January 11th (yes, that's 1/11), we're diving deep into the mystical world of angel numbers and numerology. I'll be hosting a transformative new moon ceremony to tap into the powerful energy of new beginnings and the rapid manifestation that 111 invites into our lives. Curious? You won't want to miss this!

  2. Our thoughts have the incredible power to shape our reality. In this episode, I'll share how focusing on the positive can be like watering the seeds of your dreams. We'll explore the "Map of Consciousness" by David Hawkins and how you can elevate your vibrational levels to not just change your life, but to ripple out and touch the world.

  3. Each one of us has a unique soul mission, a light that's meant to shine and inspire. I'm calling on you to embrace your gifts and join me in a collective effort to uplift humanity. If you feel that pull towards leadership and making a tangible difference, I've got something special for you. Our "Yes Academy" is now offering a leadership certification program designed to empower you to step into your mission with confidence.

  4. Throughout our journey this season, I'll be your cheerleader, reminding you to prioritize what feels good and to consciously raise your vibrations. It's not just about personal joy; it's about how our collective energy can create waves of positive change. Share this message, spark a conversation, and let's elevate our communities together.

    Remember, you are the master of your energy. Seize your power, step into your soul's mission, and let's make magic together.


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