102. Unleash Your Soul's Mission: Discover, Align, and Thrive

Season #4

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In this episode of "Your Yes Filled Life", host Brenda Winkle discusses the concept of a soul's mission and its importance in guiding decision-making and actions. She shares her personal journey of rediscovering her soul's mission and the impact it had on her life. Brenda also introduces her new masterclass series "Three Secrets from an Energy Worker to Create a Life and Home You Love", aimed at helping listeners align their energy with their soul's mission. 


Here are the takeaways...

  1. A mission statement guides your actions, how you spend money or time 
  2. Your soul's mission is your purpose, the thing that really lights you up.
  3. Signs of living congruent to one's soul's mission are ease and abundance, time disappearing, the work doesn't feel like work and you'd do it for free, and it feels so fun to think about the mission of your soul.
  4. Signs you might be out of alignment include worrying, feeling stuck, experiencing decision fatigue or seeking comfort. You might have the sensation you know there is something more for you. You might be questioning things and have an exhaustion sleep can't help. 
  5. The number one way to make sure you are aligned with your soul's mission is to shift the energy. 


Time Stamps

Finding Bentley's Approval (00:01:13)
Brenda talks about her puppy Bentley and how he has grown, creating new challenges and opportunities for her.

Understanding Mission Statements (00:02:29)
Brenda explains what a mission statement is and how it guides decision making and actions in various aspects of life.

Living Congruent to Your Soul's Mission (00:08:15)
Brenda discusses the importance of living in alignment with one's soul's mission, how it brings ease and abundance, and shares her own mission statement.

Finding Your Soul's Mission (00:12:03)
Exploring the frustration, questioning, and exhaustion that can arise when you lose sight of your soul's mission and the importance of reconnecting with it.

Losing Sight of Your Soul's Mission (00:13:13)
Discussing the discomfort and unease that can arise when you move away from your soul's mission due to external influences and the impact it can have on your alignment and success.

The Power of Energy and Alignment (00:15:58)
Highlighting the consequences of trying to change your soul's mission language to fit in and be more appealing, and the importance of staying true to your own alignment and energy to achieve success.

The clutter and its impact (00:24:30)
Explanation of how physical clutter affects mental and emotional clutter, and its impact on living into one's soul's mission.

Shifting energy to align with soul's purpose (00:25:45)
The importance of shifting energy to align with one's soul's purpose and how it can change one's life.

Masterclass series announcement (00:27:01)
Announcement of a new masterclass series called "Three Secrets from an Energy Worker to Create a Life and Home You Love" with three different time options for registration.

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