21. How to find healing in nature

Season #1

How to find healing by finding your wild

Jen and Brenda met in the online space in a course for course creators and struck a connection.

Perfectionism isn't relatable and keeps us separate from one another. It keeps us stuck and can take us out of integrity. 

Leaving perfectionism behind has allowed both Brenda and Jen to find a significant growth in intuition. Intuitive abilities are something we all have. It's a juicy conversation!! 



  1. Call in your people
  2. Connect with nature
  3. The challenges grow your skill set to be able to access joy
  4. The answer doesn't lie in doing something (masculine energy). The answer lies in being (feminine energy).
  5. Stress and the hustle are addictive, making it much more difficult for us to change the cycle. 
  6. We need to find ways to disconnect from stress.
  7. Your ego being satisfied with your achievements is not the same thing as being happy and peaceful. 


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About Jen Monohan (aka Nearing Wild)


Jen Monahan, also known as Nearing Wild, is an Intuitive Life Coach from Toronto, Canada. After finding herself in nature, she guides others to Rediscover their true authentic selves by rewiring the subconscious, and healing from unconscious early-life experiences. She works closely with the mind, energetics, and combines her intuitive readings for an even deeper shift.


Here is what I have going on right now... I am more than happy to talk about any of it on the podcast or choose one of the two--let me know what you'd like.


The Wild Awakening--a 12 week foundational program guiding you to connect with your most authentic self, reprogram your subconscious mind and shift away from unhealthy coping mechanisms and negative repeating patterns. *waiting list for Summer 2022 open*


Wildly Intuitive--a signature program for intuitives and wanna-be intuitives who want to learn how to connect to and trust their intuitive pings, receive downloads from their soul and tell the difference between intuition and fear or anxiety. *waiting list will hopefully be open by the time podcast is released*


Jen can be found as Nearing Wild on all platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok)