Meditation to connect with intuition

This meditation is designed to help you connect to your own inner intuition and inner wisdom. I’ve chosen soothing string sounds mixed with an energetic percussive beat to allow your mind and body to relax.

Sit up straight in your meditation space. Whether you are seated in easy pose on the floor or in a chair, make sure your spine is straight.

Hand positions can really help your mediation. For this meditation, connect the tip of your ring finger to the thumbprint of your thumb. For more connection to the energy around you, keep your hands level with your shoulders with your elbows by your sides. To help ground and center yourself, place your hands in your lap while keeping your ring fingers and thumb connected.


Why meditate? Meditation has been shown to relieve stress, lower blood pressure and improve mental function. It even has an effect on your sense of self worth. Meditating definitely helps you connect to the Divine Energy around you. It doesn’t matter if you call it The Universe, God, energy, Spirit or Creator – meditation helps you connect to you.

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