The power of the pause

emotional health intention self care self empowerment waves of joy May 15, 2022

I met Becca Rae Eagle through a program of Cathy Heller’s. We quickly realized that we have a lot in common and I invited her to join me on the podcast. I really wanted you to hear from her. 

 Listen to the podcast episode here. 

Becca Rae Eagle is committed to helping women heal one pause at a time. Her memoir is coming out in fall of 2022! Her podcast, Beckoning Joy, launched in a min-cast in April 2022. 

Becca Rae Eagle is a forty-seven year old wife, mom to a freshman son off at college, a debuting author, a podcaster, and a soul tender. She helps women live a life with egregious tenacity, seeking joy toward their most authentic adventure. She encourages women to recraft their lives one pause at a time. Becca's book was accepted by a publisher this February and will be published in early Winter of 2023. Becca's budding podcast Beckoning Joy released as a mini cast on 4.24.22.

Finding joy is her new quest. Becca tells us the more joy we have in our energy, the more we can show up authentically to better love others and ourselves. 

You KNOW how I feel about the importance of joy. I realize that there are times and seasons when it can feel tough to feel joy. That’s the whole reason I started the podcast - I want to normalize finding joy through the ups and downs of daily life. 

My own path to finding joy revealed itself to me when I started to take better care of myself. Self-care. Deep self-care. More than a pedicure or a massage but a willingness to ask myself what I need, to spend time preparing food for myself, to schedule and prioritize rest. The more I did that, the more accessible joy felt. 

Becca agrees. In fact, she took it one step further! And I LOVED this!! 

Becca says, “Self care is an investment in the collective - humanity. It creates a well of joy for us to tap into when we take good care of ourselves. It’s the most loving thing we can do for not only ourselves, but the people in our lives.” 


Becca teaches us to connect with the calm in yourself before we even start our busy day. As a human, it’s ok to have a series of emotions in response to our life events. Being still and being calm can help us better understand how to show up for ourselves. Becca teaches us to schedule things everyday to meet yourself where you are is essential. Becca reminds us that self care is inquiry: Ask yourself what you need rather than what society needs FROM you. 

Slowing down 

This conversation with Becca was a good reminder for me. Not everything is a 911 emergency. The vast majority of things we think we have to respond to right away are not urgent.

Take a moment to think about “how do I want to show up right now?”, “how do I want this experience to go?” Or  “How do I want to respond?” Can be the difference between reacting and having to apologize for being hasty or lashing out and the difference between being peaceful in your response. 


Becca says that if you aren’t taking pauses for yourself you can also respond from places that aren’t true to you and make agreements that don’t even align with who you are and those agreements can last for years. 

We also talked about the the somatic or body experiences we have. Your body is giving you clues. Is there neck tension? A headache? A belly ache? There’s information there. Even asking what it’s about can be helpful.

One great way to take a pause is through meditation. I have a free audio meditation just for you! Grab it at


Becca offers a free guided and meditative journal experience to begin your own quest of beckoning joy from the inside out. A small sample of her printable affirmations is also available just by contacting her. Her email is: [email protected].
Be sure to listen in to her Beckoning Joy podcast for self-care action steps and inspiring guests and super giveaways coming up this summer! 


Here’s how you can find Becca.