528 Mhz Healing Meditation

Collaboration is always really powerful. And this particular collaboration is meaningful to me because my cousin and I worked together to create a powerful 528 Mhz healing meditation for you.


What is meditation?

Meditation is simply a prayer where you listen instead of speak. Meditation allows your mind to calm, resets your nervous system and can literally heal you mind, body and spirit.

Why 528 Mhz? And what is it?

Music historians know that centuries ago… in the time of Hildegard Von Bingam and Gregorian Chant… music was used for healing. The ancient church was very scared of this healing music and ordered the musical frequencies to be changed.

An underground group of healers and musicians kept composing music centered around the Sacred Solfeggio (healing frequencies of music). Lucky for us, we still have this ancient knowledge today. My sources include Grout’s “History of Western Music” among a lot of other independent research. As a musician, this is fascinating to me!

For the musically minded 528 Mhz is a vibration centered around Middle C. Our bodies resonate with energy, we know that. When we listen to certain music, we can activate our bodies own natural healing ability. 528 Mhz is one way to do that. That’s why Michael and I are so excited to offer this free healing meditation!

About your healing meditation

My cousin, Michael Fenton, is a talented musician and guitarist. He wrote and performed the music for this meditation. It is not like any meditation music you’ll have heard before. Even if electric guitar isn’t your thing, my request is that you give it a chance. See where it takes you! I think you’ll be amazed!

We feel strongly that we want to help. That’s why we want to offer this free healing meditation to you with no strings attached. May it serve and heal you.

This meditation is designed to promote healing within your mind, body, and spirit which is why I chose the mantra “So Hum” (also sometimes seen spelled as “So Ham”). So Hum is Sanskrit for I am.

Michael and I would love to know how this free healing meditation serves you. Please feel free to comment below.

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All my love,


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