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Free Bootcamp

I wanna Travel



In this bootcamp, you'll learn:


How to CONFIDENTLY travel solo

(just you or you with your kids)

Find the resources to make travel happen. Shift your mindset from wishing but being afraid, to confidently and excitedly planning a trip. Understand yourself more deeply. When your world gets bigger because of travel, you develop greater empathy - which is the key to unlock EVERYTHING you want



You are constantly in charge, pouring into everyone else. Let me be your guide so you can experience expansion. For at least one hour a day, you won't have to hold other people, you'll be held. You'll have the time to think about your travel dreams. By the time you finish this bootcamp, you can have your first solo trip planned.

You've wanted to travel. 

But for one reason or another, it's never been the right time. And you really want to experience life on your terms. You feel ready to make it happen. Just just want someone to guide the way.

In this free bootcamp, you'll learn the mindset shifts to be able to confidently plan and execute a solo trip. You finally be able to experience the expansion you've been craving through travel.

Tired of waiting for your partner or friends to travel where you want to go? Or don't have a partner and still want to travel? This is for you.

  • Of course it's fun to travel with loved ones. But it's a bummer when their schedules or preferences don't line up with your travel dreams. It leads to frustration and resentment - two feelings that are not good for a relationship!
  • This bootcamp will ensure YOU have what you need to confidently solo travel - whether it's just you or you and your kids. 
  • Learn the mindset shifts you'll need to avoid feeling lonely, avoid feeling embarrassed about solo travel, and confidently go where you want to go - whether or not your loved ones go along.

A Note From Instructor...

Hey there!! I'm Brenda.

I'm a mindset coach and an energy healer based in the Portland, Oregon area. I'm also a solo traveler and have been for the last 21 years.

I didn't know I was a solo traveler when I began to travel with my 8 week old in 2001. I just knew I wanted to travel and I wasn't comfortable waiting for trips that never came. I started planning my own.

When I became a single mom in 2007, I made a decision that I wanted my daughter to see as much of the world as I could show her on a teacher's salary. 

Our first trip after becoming a single mom was to Seattle in 2008 (we were living in Boise, Idaho at the time).

Since then, we've traveled to Paris France, Canada (BC and Manitoba), Oregon (where we now live), Idaho, Washington, California, Florida, Disney Land and Disney World, Door County Wisconsin, Chicago, Indiana, Madison Wisconsin, Minneapolis, Black Hills of South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Lake Tahoe, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Las Vegas, Santa Monica, Los Angelos, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Missouri, Kansas, Georgia, North Dakota and more. 

I know what it takes to travel solo and I love it!! I'm going to break it down into bite sized pieces so you can learn to love it, too.

Every time I travel, I learn more about myself. I learn about how I respond to the world, how the world responds to me and my world gets just a little bigger. My photo here?? Taken on a solo trip to Yachats, Oregon by my photographer friend Kam Neth.

I can't WAIT to help you create your travel dreams.