Becoming a Boundary Badass Workbook

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 3 types of Boundary Statement Templates

1. Non-violent communication boundary statement

2. A simple request statement

3. My favorite boundary statement

Your Yes Filled Life Bill of Rights

Ever wonder if you're "allowed" to feel the way you do? I promise, you are. In this Bill of Rights you'll learn how to articulate that in a kind way.

All about boundaries

Learn some unexpected signs you need boundaries, boundary how-to's, and get clear on the signs YOU get that you need a boundary 

"Until we started learning about boundaries in Yes Academy, I didn't know there was a difference between my own expectations and the expectations of other people. It's been a game changer!"

SW - Former teacher

Becoming a Boundary Badass Workbook


Instant download to a 16 pages boundary workbook for $39

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I am an educator, healer, and guide who helps sensitive and successful high performers find, reclaim and live from their full embodied YES. Through empowering my clients to understand what's theirs/what's not, creating the boundaried YES and guiding them to full capacity living -  they are able to create their YES-Filled Lives and move through their days with more freedom, ease, and joy.