Vision Boarding 101

It's no secret that vision boards work.

But if you are anything like me... you want to know WHY they work.

Maybe you like getting out the magazines, scissors, and glue. Glitter, stickers, markers....but then what do you DO with the posterboard size vision board? 

My last two were stored behind my bedroom door. Every time the door closed, they would fall. 

And let's be clear... I didn't want my cleaning lady to know about ALL the things on my vision board. I mean...

It's kind of embarrassing to have Chip and Joanna on my vision board because I have to explain... it's not Chip and Jo I want. Although, I WOULD love to spend time with them. They represented what I want... a relationship that is a partnership. 


So... no stickers, glue or glitter. Mmmk?


This workshop is going to show you 3 fast and effective ways to vision board... digitally. You won't have to figure out where the giant poster board will go! YAY! 

Spoiler alert.... my last vision board??? Knocked it out of the park!! I can't wait to tell you about it in the workshop!!