Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings

What would it be like if you could...

  • gain clarity on the direction of your life
  • experience peace of mind
  • validate your decisions
  • prepare for your future
  • give yourself closure on difficult situations
  • look at the big picture of your life
  • understand situations better
  • connect with your spiritual guides

So you can confidently move into the next decision, the next chapter, or the next phase of your life.


What to expect:

Your session will feel like a conversation with a friend.


Sometimes people call these psychic readings. I much prefer the term intuitive readings. 

I am clairsentient (knowing) and clairaudient (hearing) and clairvoyant (seeing). I do not choose how information comes to me... I simply open up to receive. 

I've been reading professionally for the past 6 years and reading for friends and family for most of my life. 

Readings will feel like a conversation with a friend. Sometimes I'll use cards for a reading, other times I won't. I follow my own intuitive guidance around how best to receive information.

Remember, I'm only the messenger.


I don't filter or try to control readings. I'll share anything and everything that comes up.

Sessions are most effective when you come in with questions and can be open to the outcomes.

Keep in mind...


We all have free will. You have free will and so do the people in your life. This means the choices you or other people make can impact the ultimate outcome of any reading.


How to prepare

  • Come with an open mind.
  • Write down your top questions in advance.
  • Take notes.  
  • Be open and receptive 
  • Arrange a time and a place for your reading that is quiet so you can limit distractions
  • For best results, connect to WiFi and try to remain in one place (walk your dog another time)