16. How to Set an Intention with Katrina Wu

Season #2

Setting intentions is a way to bring things into your existence that you really desire. It's a proactive approach to living the life you want and a way to choose the program you want to have running in your mind.


Katrina Wu is certified as a mindset coach, a breathwork facilitator, and a hypnosis, EFT, and NLP practitioner. Her passion is to enlighten, inspire, and empower working women on a deep, subconscious level so they can move from overwhelm and self-doubt to balance and confidence. Her clients transform their lives and find the clarity to make their dreams a reality.


Here are the takeaways...

  1. Thoughts become things. Not every thought of course... but thoughts that we have over and over that we continue to think show up in our reality.
  2. Take time in meditation to find clarity around what you deeply desire, and then take the next step. 
  3. When you find healing for past hurts and traumas, you can release the resistance that you have that might be getting in the way of your desires. Resistance comes up when you have a belief that contradicts what you want. For example, if you think having more money will make you a bad person, why would you have more money? 
  4. Subconscious programming can be shifted into beliefs that support you and what you desire
  5. Everything starts with an intention. The things you think are impossible become possible when you allow yourself to dream. Allow yourself to get into the feeling states that you want without worrying about the how.
  6. When you ignore your intuition, it gets quieter. By listening to your intuition it gets clearer and clearer. Your intuition might be talking through your body, so pay attention to how you are feeling in your body. Get still and quiet enough to listen to the nudge.
  7. People-pleasing has a negative impact on your body. 
  8.  You always have the choice to choose how you perceive things. It's all in your perspective and in what you are willing to see... the moment sitting in peace at the ocean can be just as beautiful as the moment with the kids in the living room.
  9. Shifting how you see things and your mindset can be the difference between feeling content/happy or miserable. We have the choice of how we want to look at things and perceive things. We have a choice to change the programming. 
  10.  Why would you choose to feel bad if feeling good is an option?


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