13. Solo Jam: Finding your intuition

Season #2

Telling the difference between an intuitive hit and a fearful thought or a repeating thought that might have been planted by someone else can be simpler than you think... but it might require re-acquainting yourself with your inner knowing. And learning to trust yourself.


Here are the takeaways...

  1. We all have intuition and an inner knowing.
  2. You are taught that you can't rely on your intuition because "they" know best. You can learn to trust your intuition. 
  3. Getting in touch with your body can help open the channel to your inner knowing.
  4. Reiki is a form of Japanese energy healing that promotes your body's relaxation response that allows healing in the body to occur.
  5. Reiki can help you tune into your own intuition.
  6. Learning to protect your own energy through Reiki can help highly empathic people stop taking on the energy and emotions of other people.
  7.  Taking on the energy and emotions of people around you is a choice, you can choose to remain aware of other people's emotions and not take it on.
  8. Bubble up your own energetic field by zipping up your energy.
  9. Pay attention to the physical sensations of your body. Ask any pain if it's yours and what it's there to tell you.
  10. Reiki can help you access healing and your own intuition. 

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