8. How to trust everything is always working out with Pam Grout

Season #2

Pam Grout is a writer who has written many books. Pam's book E2 is one of my favorites. It's also a #1 New York Times bestseller that has been translated into 40 languages and is a New York Times Best Seller with 9 principles that Pam believed to be true. She wrote it so that people can try the experiments to ask themselves... "Is it true that there is a bigger force than you that wants to interact with you, that wants to bless you, that wants to guide you?"

E2 is getting ready to celebrate its 10-year anniversary and it's not being dramatic to say, this book changed my life. 

  1. We impact the world with our energy
  2.  Kids have a corner on the market on what's real. When you look at children you can see that they view and feel the world differently.
  3. Little by little, we learn to block the energy coming in. The things we want are often right in front of us. We have to get into the frequency to be able to see it.
  4. We are so busy following rules that sometimes the mystery and beauty can evade us
  5.  Just like a radio station has a frequency, so do you. It's an energetic force that's not visible. If your radio station is on 99.2 you won't hear 87.3. You dial into the frequencies that you have trained yourself to believe.
  6. The experiments in E2 and Thank and Grow Rich can help open you up to see those invisible blessings. 
  7. Gratitude allows you to get into the higher frequency where miracles and blessings are more apparent to you. 
  8.  Consider problem state versus possibility state. 
  9. What you appreciate, appreciates. The feeling of being in wonder and awe feels so good. 
  10. Travel teaches you people are the same no matter where you go. You are connected to everyone and it helps you let go of familiar ruts.
  11. Love is who we really are. We are made of love. 
  12.  We haven't applied the truths that we have discovered through quantum physics, and once we do, everything will open up. 
  13. You'll see whatever you think you know. When you embrace not knowing, you become more willing to experience expansion
  14.  When you come to trust that the Universe is working with you, it becomes so much easier to surrender. Relax into the unknown. 
  15. If you only knew how much you are loved, and that no matter what everything is working out it becomes easier to let go. That's the only reality. 
  16.  Until we change the consciousness of the world, we are going to be stuck in the same old patterns.
  17. Follow your heart and it will all work out
  18. Thinking erroneous thoughts is the only things that can ever be wrong. Asking for  guidance to see things differently can change everything.

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