7. Building Wealth from the Inside Out with Megan Hackney

Season #2

Building wealth with Megan Hackney

Megan says, "I'm a nerdy Certified Public Accountant, lover of the details, sun-seeker, wannabee baker, health enthusiast and the older sister that can't help giving advice. 

My goal is to help you take control of the financial health of your business, so you start to see consistent revenue growth and reach that 6 or 7 figure goal!"

She joins us on the Waves of Joy Podcast to talk about habits, mindset and strategies to build true wealth - both in terms of money and in the richness of your life.

Here are the takeaways...

1. Your money and your money mindset impact every area of your life from health, to happiness, to wealth

2. Money is simply a form of exchanging energy

3. If you don't feel like you have a lot of money, being generous with what you have (money, time, effort) can help to shift that for you

4. You speak your world into existence. Speak in terms of choices rather than what you can afford.

5. Internal self-reflection around what is important to you can help you make conscious choices

6. What gets measured gets managed. Consciously reviewing your numbers can help you make choices congruent with your values

7. Taking a pause before making a purchase can help make sure the purchase is something you really want or need

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