6. Revolutionize your sandwich to change your life with Jenny Goldfarb of Unreal Deli

Season #2

Jenny Goldfarb - founder of Unreal Deli has a way to revolutionize your sandwiches

Unreal Deli makes the world's first premium plant-based deli meats as seen on Shark Tank and in the best sandwiches! Backed by 100+ years of NY deli tradition and voted the #1 Plant-Based Meat by Thrillist, our meat is made with whole vegetables and protein-rich grains from a (truly happy) farm, not a factory. Real deli meat, from plants.

Jenny Goldfarb, aka Mrs. Goldfarb or Mrs. G, is the Founder & CEO of Unreal Deli. With no experience in the food sector, let alone launching a company, she gave birth to this rapidly expanding business in her tiny kitchen while pregnant with her 3rd child. Jenny grew up on the Standard American Diet (SAD), and in her early 30s, learned about the plight of animals on factory farms, which led her to adopt a plant-based diet. After much trial and error, she became a whiz in the plant-based kitchen and realized the thing she missed most after becoming vegan was premium NY-style deli meat. She sought to recreate corned beef made from beets, chickpeas, tomatoes, and high-protein wheat. The recipe became such a hit that it encouraged her to produce her Corn’d Beef Reubens for Delis, Whole Foods, and even Shark Tank, where she took on Mark Cuban as primary investor. The company then developed Unreal Roasted Turk’y followed by Unreal Steak Slices.

The Unreal Deli product line can now be found in thousands of restaurant and grocery locations nationwide with more to come and just launched in Puerto Rico and Mexico.


Here are the takeaways...

  1. If you've ever loved a dog, you can't be ok with the ways animals are treated when they are raised as food
  2. When you can't find what you really want on the market, it's possible to create what you want - go out there and do it yourself
  3. Unreal Deli provides REAL food, ingredients you can pronounce the names of and shows another way to eat a delicious sandwich
  4.  Learn on the job and allow things to unfold
  5. Give yourself permission to learn as you go because you're never ready 
  6. Life is not a dress rehearsal,  allow yourself to get messy, come at it from a new angle
  7. Believe in what you have to offer so much that the rejections don't phase you. When your mission is bigger than your fear, the rejections become a way to learn
  8. The reason people are ok with what is happening to animals raised for food is because it happens behind closed doors
  9. Consuming meat means you are putting the stress hormones the animal released as it was dying. From both energetic and scientific standpoints, this is something worth you thinking about
  10. Eating plants is delicious. The herbs and spices you love in your meat products are even MORE delicious in plant-based food, because those flavors are why you love the food
  11. Create sacred time in your week where you unplug and connect with your family 
  12. Work only when you are in a good headspace. Use gratitude or kind deeds to help get yourself in a good headspace or zone. People will get the memo of your energy.
  13. it's not about your products or offers. People want to buy expansive energy that feels good. Getting yourself in that place will make a huge difference in all you offer.
  14. When we give, we get to feel like a creator. That's what makes giving such a pleasure. An example is the pleasure experienced during sex.

Get in touch with Jenny and Unreal Deli

Website: www.unrealdeli.com - You can locate a vendor near you that carries Unreal Deli meat using the website AND they ship anywhere in the US.

Instagram Link: www.instagram.com/unrealdeli and https://www.instagram.com/mrs.goldfarb/ 

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