22. How to give yourself permission to change

Season #1

Christine Fransisco was living a contented life taking care of the kids and working as a physical therapist when she was laid off from her 13-year career during COVID.

Christine is a mom of 4. She calls herself a "backyard writer" because she hasn't published her book yet, but she has more than 25 chapters written. 


  • Give yourself permission to pivot.
  • Understand the season you are in - be aware of where you are in the moment
  • Know that season is going to change
  • Everyone has a story to share
  • Identity is often what we attach to what we do for a living. "I am" is a full sentence.
  • When our lives are shifting, things often get messy. But keep on moving.
  • Trying to control outcomes strangles what we want to call into our lives, letting go of HOW things should be unleashes the magic. Then life can amaze and delight you.
  • Providing safe space for people draws the right people to you 
  • Focusing on the things that bring you joy increases your capacity
  • Be willing to be flexible
  • Trust the Process
  • Follow your intuition and your curiosity
  • Celebrate your now


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From Christine....


As a wife and a mother of four with a full-time day job, I was making things happen and work my magic from 9-5. I had everything down pat until I lost my employment of 13 years during the pandemic.

The office door swung close behind me as I walked away downhearted. "What just happened?" was my thought so far. I was uncertain of the next best step and fearful of what was ahead. I don't have a clue of what  the next day or the next year may bring. Sitting in the parking lot, I realized that my future was not set in stone. My significance as person is not always measured up with  the 2-letter initials after my last name. I drove away leaving behind my name tag as a physical therapist. Since then, I found my writer's hat and started stringing words of inspiration.

I know how hard  it is to face uncertainty. I understand how it feels to be stuck. But what I do with what I have keeps me going as I clear the path for others to do the same. 

Discover what inspires you to be the person you truly are. Let me guide you as you find yours. 

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A mom of four and a lifelong learner. Physical Therapist by day and a backyard writer by night.