18. How morning routines can change your life with Jenny Lee

Season #1

Episode 18 - Power of Morning Routines

How you start your day matters. When you fill your cup FIRST, you increase your capacity to show up not only for yourself but for everyone in your life. 

While on vacation in Hawaii, Jenny realized that the earlier she wakes up, the more things she can do, and the more fun she can have. So she started to wake up early. On vacation!! 

When she got back to "reality", she realized she could wake up to something fun. Mornings used to be stressful. 

Jenny found ways to have fun FIRST thing in the day, and it changed everything. 

Some highlights

  • Fun and joy is about learning to allow feeling good
  • Starting your day feeling fun sets up your whole day in a way that you are ready to have fun and feel joy
  • Having fun, joy and happiness is your responsibility by focusing on what you can do to feel good. 
  • The universe always answers. Finding one feeling good experience leads to more feeling good experiences. Follow the bread crumbs.
  • Giving ourselves love is imperative. You can't give what you don't have.
  • Joy is a choice.
  • Finding ways to feel good is the secret to everything. 

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About Jenny Lee...

 Jenny is a teacher of 20 years. She is inspired to help women be aware of their own self-care after a realization of how her own lack of self-care had put her in the wrong path. After a few taxing life events, years of self-separation, postpartum depression, and divorce, life directed her toward self-care and self-discovery. She uncovered her connection to happiness and inspiration through her morning routines and self-care embodiment. Jenny is now on the journey of guiding other women to heal and reconnect with their dignified and highest selves through morning rituals and self-care.    


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