17. How to build your own authority with Megan Moran of The Momprenuer guide

Season #1

In Megan's words... "You have a mission and a movement. You have a message. Let's allow you to shine in that and become a natural authority in your space."

An authority is someone you know, like, and trust. Think of Joanna Gains and Shonda Rimes and the authority they have in their spaces... they've built worlds around themselves.

Join Megan and I as we talk about how that can happen for YOU!


We talk about...

  • Thinking outside of the box
  • Following what's best for you versus what society says you "should" do
  • FInding joy as part of your process
  • Ditching perfectionism
  • Process and strategy for empowering momprenuers  
  • And so much more!! 

About Megan Moran

Megan Moran is not only a mom to two beautiful babies under 3 (Jack + Sophia) and a wife to the most supportive husband + business partner ever, Collin, but she is also the owner of The Mompreneur Guide. As a Podcast Host, Professional Interviewer + Authority-Building Guide, Megan is on a mission to help mompreneurs connect with themselves, their community and increase their visibility so they can create movements while also being present + productive. Because as a third generation mompreneur- Megan is proof that it's possible.

Megan's website: https://themompreneurguide.com/ (click "Retreat" for information on Megan's retreat!)

Megan's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mompreneurguide/

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Brenda's Retreat 


Since recording this episode, the details for the retreat came into existence. Here's the info! Only 7 spots are available. https://www.brendawinkle.com/womenrisingretreat